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Window Shutters

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We offer window shutters standard sizes as well as custom sizes for an ideal appearance.

Decorative Architectural Shapes is your source for exterior shutters crafted of high quality materials designed to meet your needs. Our shutter selection includes classic shutter styles, such as the standard louvered shutter, relaxed board-n-batten shutters, combination shutter styles, as well as attractive bahama shutters.


Louver Window Shutters 


From the style of shutter to the size of shutter your sure to find the right louver exterior shutter. Louvered Window Exterior Shutters offer tasteful signature styling and a timeless accent to homes. Imagine the graceful yet enduring beauty that these exterior shutters can bring to your home. Choose from one of our many louver combinations. Custom made in a variety of sizes and lengths.


Raised Panel Window Shutters


Raised Panel Exterior Shutters add that traditional colonial look. With a traditional 2 panel to custom 3 panel shutters, our extensive selection will surely fit your needs. Raised panel Window Exterior shutters are an ideal enhancement to federal manor homes, traditional colonial homes, quaint craft cottages and other architectural style homes. Several different raised panel options. Available in custom widths and heights


Combination Window Shutters


The Combination Window Exterior Shutter originated in the New Orleans area with its unique combination of both louver and raised panel. It offer the beauty of both styles, yet offers a second glance appeal to traditional styles. You can mix and match your styles with a variety of louver and raised panel combinations to make your own unique look.


Boar d-n-Batten Window Shutters


In it’s simplest form the Board-n-Batten shutters has been rumored to be the first style of Exterior shutter invented. The vertical members are referred to as the boards and the horizontal members are referred to as the battens. This classic style is perfect for ranch style homes or homes that want to reflect historical significance and simplicity.


Framed Board-n-Batten Window Shutters 


The perfect combination of both Board-n-Batten and our Flat panel Exterior shutters, the Framed Board-n-Batten shutters add a unique look. Commonly used on traditional style homes, the Framed Board-n-Batten shutter has been growing in popularity against the traditional louver, raised panel, and board-n-batten shutter style.


Flat Panel Window Shutters


Flat panel shutters are inspired after the Shaker design where clean lines and simplicity define style. These Exterior shutters are perfect for Arts & Crafts or Craftsman style homes. These EXTERIOR WINDOW shutters are hand crafted and assembled for authenticity and architectural correctness.


Bahama & Bermuda Window Shutters


Our featured Bahama Exterior shutters, which are also known as Bermuda Exterior shutters, are crafted of high quality materials, whether you seek durable authentic look of our real North American hardwood Bermudas, or affordable and popular Bermuda shutters. The result is a beautiful EXTERIOR WINDOW shutter that provides the safety and endurance that you seek. Our featured Bermuda Exterior shutters are delivered to you finished in a diverse range of rich and vibrant colors.  

You can also choose any other architectural elements, and make an order

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