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Architectural Trims & Mouldings




We produce architectural Trims & Mouldings all style

We used to know that architectural trimsare traditional design item, but it can be used in veryuntraditional ways. Trim creates architecture in even the plainest of spaces. Even a bare box of a room can look defined and elegant with the creative useof this classic element.

With our huge stock of unique, highly varied trims, Decorative Architectural Shapes is the perfect resource for even your most creative projects.

Consider using trim moulding to define a space. Transform a bare corner into an inviting breakfast nook, reading room, or salon with the skilled use of trim mouldings!

Order the Decorative Architectural Shapes Trim in a shade of white and attach it to a charcoal gray wall. Suddenly, a bare, white corner becomes an inviting and very stylish oasis. For another stylish moulding idea, rethink size. Trim becomes playful when proportions are unusual and dimensions surprising; large, intricate mouldings can look incredibly charming in small, intimate spaces, such as bathrooms or even hallways.

When used creatively, architectural mouldings can have stunning impact. Decorative Architectural Shapes presents wide range of trims, that can absolutely transform your project. These high-quality architectural trims will empower you to finish each room and hallway of your hotel, apartment complex, or residence exactly the way you envisioned it.

You can also choose any other architectural elements, and make an order


The exterior view of your house is very important as it shows your personal taste. Exterior will give your guests the first impression on what the interior of the house or the apartment is going to be. If you care about the look of your home you should add some style to it using the decorative wall brackets or any other elegant and expressive architectural accents. The use of exterior Decorative Architectural Shapes C Decorative Architectural Shapes orbels is a great way to add a stately look to the exterior of your home. They make the perfect accent for Decorative Architectural Shapes exterior dentil molding, columns and archways, to name just a few applications. Understanding the different materials and designs used in their production will help you make the best choice for your home.

RESIDENTIAL Corbels Brackets b
RESIDENTIAL corbels brackets 2b
RESIDENTIAL gable ornaments 1
RESIDENTIAL gable ornaments 2
RESIDENTIAL Corbels Brackets a
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